Navigating UAE business licensing? Al Riyady simplifies for a smooth experience.

Business Licenses in the UAE

Navigating the complexities of obtaining a business license in the UAE can be overwhelming. Al Riyady offers expert guidance and support to streamline the process, ensuring a hassle-free experience for businesses looking to establish or expand their presence in the region.

Options for UAE Trade License

A Business/ Company in UAE must need a trade license(The Most Important Document)

There is a whole complex and expensive process in getting a UAE trade license. It would involve gathering approvals from the government and DED Trader License, as well as getting documents cleared from different agencies within a short period of time.

Al Riyady can obtain your business licenses in Dubai as well as in the UAE. We can guide you on how to choose the right kind of license for your business and provide you reminders in renewing your licenses.

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Understanding the Diverse Range of Business Licenses Required in the UAE's Dynamic Market Landscape

Different Business Licenses in the UAE

Navigating the world of business licensing in the UAE can be complex, with various types of licenses catering to different business activities. Whether you're looking to engage in trade, offer professional services, embark on manufacturing endeavors, or venture into the vibrant tourism sector, understanding the right license for your business is crucial for compliance and operational success.

Commercial Trade License

This license is required if your company is intending to buy and sell goods as your business activity, some examples of companies are: Import & exports, trading of products, real estate & rental companies.

Professional License

This UAE Trade License is required if your company is intending to buy and sell services as your business activity, you can own 100% of the business however you would need a local service agent to complete the process for companies like: Consultancy companies, IT etc.

Industrial License

This license is required if your company is intended for industrial and manufacturing as your business activity, requires you to have a physical office location inside the UAE. Some examples of companies are: Packaging, furnishing, and manufacturing.

Tourism License

This license is required if your company is intended for tourism business activities as Dubai is one of the leading tourism destinations , some examples of companies are: travel agents, tour operators & hospitality companies.


A trade license in the UAE is an official document which is issued by the Department of Economic Development that grants permission to individuals or companies to run their businesses legally within the country.

To get a trade license in the UAE, first, you need to decide what type of business you want to operate, submit the required documents, pay fees, and get approval from the authorities. It’s a long process, for which it’s better to hire a professional and experienced team of Alriyady to navigate the process efficiently and ensure compliance with UAE regulations.

Typically, the required documents for a trade license in the UAE are passport copies, visa copies, Emirates ID, trade name reservation certificate, rental agreement, or any documents that may be needed depending on the business type and location.

Yes, obtaining a commercial license is mandatory for any individual or company involved in commercial activities. Moreover, whether it’s a professional activity, or trading, obtaining a trade license is a legal requirement to conduct business in the UAE, but make sure you’re applying for the right license.