Abu Dhabi Company Setup


Are you looking to set up a business here in Abu Dhabi? Do you have set plans but don’t know where to start. Well, it’s now time to rest because here at Alriyady, we got you covered. Abu Dhabi capital of UAE, is the largest emirate. It houses 95% of the country’s oil reserves; thus, it’s heavily developed. Choosing to start up a business in this part of the UAE is a bright path to success. It has portrayed immense growth because of the gradual opening up of various entities worldwide. Your company has its chance to thrive too in this economic hub. Below we have listed the benefits and requirements needed to get started in this emirate.

  • Tax exemption- Abu Dhabi exempts all corporate and personal tax for investors who choose to invest in the emirate. You have the freedom of full 100% ownership of your business in the free zones. This is an essential factor for your business, as you won’t have to explain to the government how your business is doing.
  • High-quality infrastructure- With the robust growth comes to a more robust infrastructure and transportation for your commodities and personnel. If you are looking for a place for your business will run smoothly with no issues at all. In Abu Dhabi, all your material and communication needs are catered for well.
  • High living standard quality- The emirate offers a high standard of living to its people. You can be a part too; here, you have world-class entities geared towards making your life as comfortable as you would like. These facilities range from healthcare, education, social amenities, residences, transportation, and communication.
  • Location- it is along the Persian Gulf, Abu Dhabi is well open to the outer world, which is crucial for growth. This makes the exportation and importation sectors of your firm grow and keep running all year round. Being one of the most populated, this guarantees you a good flow of your target clients all day.

The general requirements needed for one to follow in the business startups are:

  • Registering the company’s name entails giving your entity the proper trade name and distinguishing its purpose. This is the name that clients will associate with your services too. A quality and unique name is an added advantage for you.
  • Acquiring licenses and permits- rightful licenses and permits are a crucial part of your business. They are the form of documentation that identifies you as a legal entity. Each sector has a dedicated license, and for this, we have you right step by step.
  • Local patron- the person serves as the citizen figure for your business, and this the critical requirement for setting up your business in the Mainland zone. They hold 51% of the total shares of the company, leaving you with 49%.
  • Type of business- The different sectors of the industry each have different initiation steps. This, therefore, requires the help of a well familiar Public Relations Officer to guide you step by step in the right direction. Alriyady is here for that.


Armed with the information above, now you can make an informed choice. Investing in Abu Dhabi has a lot of benefits for you on the personal and business aspect. We are here to ensure you are successful at the first difficult step of the business. Ensuring you gain all the essentials for your business is our core aim, therefore choosing us as your partner guarantees top-notch and straightforward deals. Grab your phone and make a call. We have listed here our telephone numbers and address for you. Alriyady is just one click away and a path to your success.