Company Setup in Ajman


Are you looking to start or open up a business in the Ajman zone of the UAE? Well, look no further. Here at Alriyady we focus on seeing you grow and accomplish your goals. We are a consultancy firm with substantial customer satisfaction driven objectives, and we are here to offer our professional services to you. Ajman is a prime business hub that houses many business entities, and yours can be accommodated too. Several reasons make Ajman the right place for your company to invest. The reasons range from good infrastructure, government policies, and strategic location. We have highlighted below the procedure of setting up a business in this economic hub and why you choose us to hold your hand.

  • Location- Ajman is positioned strategically between Sharjah and Dubai. It’s along the Persian Gulf and Arabian Peninsula, making it a gateway into two major cities. It has a natural port; therefore, you have the easiest way of exporting your commodities into the manufacturing sector. This will make you incur less capital in your goods’ transportation to and from the port and help maximize your professional services for your clients.
  • Tax exemption- The emirates offer foreign entities a 20-year land lease permit that is renewable for 20 years. This makes it 40 years of corporate tax-free operations for you to give your professional services. Think of how this is essential for your company’s growth.
  • Low set-up costs- Ajman offers trading licenses to businesses at a lower price than the other emirates in the UAE. This will ensure your business is up and running within a short time frame. The state provides hassle-free commendations, thus guarantee you a good experience.
  • Top-notch Infrastructure- Being a gateway to Dubai, Ajman boasts an excellent infrastructure that will guarantee you speedy operations. The roads have been well developed; thus transport is enhanced. Communication means are of top quality; therefore, your company’s communication will incur no lags. There are two major airports in Ajman, so it well covers all your international travel necessities. This is essential for any investor who will have a stake in the industry sector.
  • Availability of raw materials- Being along the gulf, Ajman has easy access to the port, making it import raw materials. The small industries also make it easy for your operations to run smoothly as they make the materials readily available. This will be a plus for your business entity, as the production will never reduce because of a shortage of raw materials.
  • Friendly immigration policies- The emirate provides simple guidelines for the companies to import and man their workforce. You can get workers’ visas completely trouble-free, and within no time, your workforce will be up and running. Isn’t this what you need as an entrepreneur? Freedom of having the right men for the job.


From the above intellectual knowledge, we believe your thirst for credible information has been quenched thoroughly. Choosing to set up your business in Ajman will prove fruitful for you and your company. Why choose Alriyady Consultancy Firm? We offer to guide you down the steps from when you make an appointment with us up to when you get your business running. Our qualified team of staff boasts an impressive portfolio and experience that will ensure you a smooth start-up of the company. We shall assist you closely in getting your licenses and looking for a strategic location where your customers will contact you quickly. Your growth is our primary concern, make that call and start a journey towards success.