Looking to start a business in Dubai but don’t know where to start? Are you looking for a firm that will solve all your queries understandably? Well, we are here to do that for you. Let us first educate you about Dubai, the major economic hub of the UAE. Dubai is one of the most lucrative choices for your business setting because of its impressive features.

Since the start of the century, the city has grown immensely from the times we knew it for its gas and petroleum oil exports. It has become a hub of tourism, trade, real estate, and financial services. Its strategic location ensures the flow of millions of people each year to and from different parts of the world. These are the target customers for your business. Below are the benefits and requirements needed to run a business in UAE.

  • Easy Accessibility- Dubai’s location makes it a strategic place to set up your business. This is because it connects all the parts of the globe via its international airports. Currently, over 85 have operational ties with this city. It guarantees you a constant flow of customers all year long.
  • Quality Living Standards- Being a gateway to almost every part of the globe, it houses people of different ethnicities. This has promoted in-growth of the community’s various sectors, such as real estate, healthcare, and recreational facilities. The crime rate is very low, thus making it one of the safest cities on the globe.
  • Top-Notch Infrastructure- The city offers various favorable options of infrastructure. From roads, waterways, air, and rail, which can handle large volumes of people to and from the city. The laid communication infrastructure ensures that no information does not reach its intended destination.
  • Friendly Environment- Dubai boasts one of the most business-friendly environs because of the many Free-Zones its government has enrolled out. It also exempts personal and corporate taxes, thus easing the comfortability of performing business ventures.

Establishing a business in Dubai is not challenging; however, you need to have a well conversant person to guide you. There are basic requirements you need to have to get your business running.

  • A Sponsor-In mainland Dubai, there is a regulation that doesn’t allow full ownership of the business. Partner with a citizen from the Emirate to run a business. We can link you up with a credible sponsor whom you will interact with diligently.
  • Trade License- This certifies that you may operate in the Emirate. It takes less than a week to process the certificate in Dubai, so embrace yourself for a quick startup process.
  • Strategic Location- Dubai offers quite a wide range of zones to set up your business according to its nature. With the large number of people traversing through the city, setting up your business in a strategic position is essential.
  • Trade Name- You are to have a unique name that your clients can identify you. The name should incorporate what you are offering the public so that you can stand out easily. The nature of the business can be incorporated into the name, too, for marketing purposes.


There are much more benefits that come with the establishment of a business in Dubai. Our staff at Alriyady is ready to guide you down the path of succeeding in your business. Please contact us using the number provided here. Our team will see that your journey is successful. Your success is our core aim, and we believe in merit.