Do you Want to Setup Any Foreign Company Branch in Dubai – UAE Al Riyady Will help you as a corporate service Agent.

Foreign companies are permitted to establish wholly owned branches and representative offices in the U.A.E.; however, these offices are limited in the activities they may conduct within the U.A.E. (Article 314 of the Commercial Companies Law). The company which chooses to open a branch in the UAE may freely carry out the activities indicated in the trade license it obtains. However, licensing is governed by legal rules and regulations. According to the Law, there are certain activities, which can only be carried out by UAE nationals such as banks, finance, insurance and commercial agencies. 

There are also other licensing procedures and conditions governing the work of the Department of Economic Development, which issues from time to time certain regulations and administrative decrees. A foreign company, which opens a representative office in UAE, may launch promotional campaigns for its products and services. The office may also facilitate contracts between the company and its local clients


An application should be submitted to the Department of Commercial Affairs at the Office of the Ministry of Economy and Commerce in Dubai. This application should include the following data: Name, type of company and address of its head office and the other countries where it carries on its activities.

Type of activity, specialisation or type of operations proposed to be conducted in the U.A.E.

Main operations carried out by the company abroad and its previous expertise in that field of activity which it intends to conduct.

Corporate body in its legal form, capital, and names of the shareholders and their addresses are required. All of the shareholders should be U.A.E. nationals.