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  Frequently Asked Questions

Understanding Corporate Tax in Dubai, here are some frequently asked questions

Corporate tax is a direct tax on taxable income that’s to be paid annually, and the amount payable is typically calculated based on the profits generated by the business annualy.
    • 0% for annual net profit up to AED 375,000
    • 9% for annual net profit above AED 375,000
    • Perform a thorough Corporate Tax impact assessment.
    • Register for Corporate Tax.
    • Maintain proper accounting records.
    • File an annual return with FTA.
Yes, Free Zone businesses must register.
Businesses earning annual revenue not exceeding AED 3 million will not be required to pay corporate tax. However, they must register for Corporate Tax and file the annual return.
Your tax residency status in Dubai depends on various factors, including the location of your company’s headquarters, the place of management and control, and the duration of your company’s operations in Dubai. Consulting with tax experts can help clarify your tax residency status.
Yes, Dubai offers various tax incentives and exemptions to promote economic growth and attract investment in specific industries or activities. These incentives may include tax holidays, reduced tax rates, or exemptions from certain taxes for a specified period.
Non-compliance with corporate tax regulations in Dubai can lead to penalties, fines, or legal actions imposed by the tax authorities. It’s crucial for businesses to adhere to tax laws, maintain accurate records, and fulfill their tax obligations to avoid such consequences.

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