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Delivery Service License in UAE

Delivery Service License in UAE

The delivery services business has changed in the UAE in recent years. Online food ordering has gained popularity, so it has great demand in the growing market. Further, it is much easier to order online, and now people use this. So, to get the delivery. Delivery service license In UAE now has new regulations, such as training of drivers, uniforms, standards on delivery boxes, and many more.

Getting a legal delivery services license in Dubai would be best to set up a delivery services business. If you want to start the delivery services, it is an excellent time to get the advantage of the market. Before starting the delivery services, you need to know the following steps such as:

  • It would help if you had a fully-trained driver
  • Cost-effective delivery platform
  • You need to have 24/7 support for your client
  • You need a smartphone App to obtain the order easily

What Will You Require to Start a Delivery Service?

This is a common question for newbies that how to start a business. Let’s discuss this delivery services business. There are a few things that need to run the business successfully, such as

Fleet of Fully Trained Drivers

It is essential to ensure that your fleet can drive safely. Further, fully trained drivers can drive safely and deliver all the packages safely and sound.

Efficient Delivery Platform

For a well-organized delivery, raise the connection between you and your client so that your client can quickly contact you.


To solve the customer’s order plans, you need to establish 24/7 hours via support to help the customers quickly. Further, customers can face these problems, like if the packages were open when delivered, unhealthy food from the restaurant, and go ahead with the money twice.

Live Order Tracking System

When your customers inform you about their order, the live order tracking system tracks it from the beginning to the end.

Fleet Equipped with Smartphones

It is hard for the drivers or delivery partners to remember the direction. However, recognizing the details of the various orders or packages is difficult, so you must provide the fleet smartphones to solve the problem. And they can use the map to reach the exact location. The accuracy in the delivery can increase the efficiency of the work. So your customers can quickly contact your delivery agent.

Why Start a Food Delivery in Dubai?

Food is an essential need of every human and this food industry is always in demand. The food business is lucrative in the entire world and UAE.

Low Start-up Cost

You can start the business with a low investment, so initially, it may not generate a significant profit. But you can increase the amount of the profit with different things. Further, starting the business requires effective costs such as advertising flyers, food delivery app development, and delivery vehicles.

To maintain food delivery, you don’t need to work for a long time or give a large portion of time to preserve food delivery. So, later than obtaining the services license Dubai, you must first better your money or transaction system and pay attention to the transaction record or history.

Market Potential

In Dubai, restaurants, luxury malls, and busy sidewalks have lined up the many types of food. Further, in the UAE, most people prefer ordering food at home instead of at a restaurant. So, it indicates that starting a delivery service Dubai generates a lot of profit.

Benefits of Getting a Delivery Service License in UAE

The growing market of the food delivery business in Dubai is one of the best assets. With the 20222 times, the USD 1.3bn market can reach USD 1.5bn in 2026, so the restaurant food quality cannot decrease with time. So it is a crucial advantage.

Further, you don’t need to own your restaurant or kitchen; you need to connect the potential customers with their favorite food, and you can spread your business with a single App. After developing the platform, you need to take care of customer support.

Collaboration Opportunities for Your Business

In this following list, you can associate with anybody;

  • Home businesses
  • Flower shops
  • Corporation
  • Online stores
  • Cafes, parlors, and restaurants

Line of Action to Obtain a Business License in Dubai

Below are the steps that you need to follow if you want to obtain a business license in Dubai and make your process smooth.

  1. Select Your Business Enterprise

Additionally, after finalizing the business plan of your company project, the other remaining process is not complicated to acquire the license.

  1. To Establish a Company, Select the Logo & Name

When you choose your business name, then make sure that it clearly describes what your business does. Moreover, your company name must not match to another existing business name.

  1. Choose a Company Formation Area

It is the main problem in selecting the company formation area for food courier services in the UAE. It would help if you decided where to establish your business in the Mainland or Free zone. And before making a decision, you must have a look at the pros and cons of it.

  1. Hire a Staff

Your fleet partner and staff will be extinguished in the business’s growth and success. Further, ensure your delivery fleet and staff are well-trained, well-spoken, and skilled.

  1. Open a Bank Account

You must have a bank account to receive your delivery services payments. So, for this process, you need to take the essential documents. After obtaining a license, the next step is to open a bank account.

Procedure to Get a Delivery License in Dubai?

You must get a UAE license by post for a delivery services company.

Get the Trade Activity Registration Done

To own the company, you need to get the trade activity registration, so it will take about 20 days to issue the license.

Prepare the Required Documents

  • Copy of initial approval
  • A copy of the lease contract
  • A passport copy of the business owner and shareholder
  • Reservation copy of trade name
  • The composition of the commercial license and trading registering the certificate

Categories of Delivery Business in the United Arab Emirates

These are the Categories of Delivery Business

  • Intercity courier delivery
  • Delivery of packages ordered from e-commerce websites
  • Food delivery from the resort
  • Door-to-door domestic delivery

License Price

You can acquire permanent authority at a budgeted price and generate great revenue. Moreover, it would help if you got a permit from the RTA, which costs around AED 1000 and takes 3 to 5 days. However, some variable cost is also included in the total price.

FAQs of Delivery Service License in UAE

How much are the order licenses in Dubai?

The delivery services license cost in UAE is AED 5,000 to AED 10,000, so exclusive ownership and other fees are included.

How do you start this business in the UAE?

First, you must apply for the trade license you get from the Economic Development Department in Dubai. And to register as a home-based cook. But remember that only a particular nationality is eligible for this.

What is the cheapest license in Dubai?

The cheapest license in UAE is the IFZA (International Free Zone Authority). So it offers a low-cost license of AED 12900. Further, this is the most reasonable and best license offer in the United Arab Emirates.


To get the delivery service license in UAE, you must consider various things, such as the business’s type, size, and structure. Further, you need to hire a business setup company that helps you in the whole process, and you can get your license at a reasonable cost. The online food delivery business is gaining more popularity these days.


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