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Dubai Digital Nomad Visa, Requirements and Application

Undoubtedly, living in Dubai provides a unique experience that can’t be found in any other part of the world. With its splendid lifestyle and astonishing architecture, it leaves a long-lasting impression on visitors’ memories. That’s why it is the most in-demand city to live in and visit worldwide. 

Three years ago, in 2021, the UAE government announced the Dubai digital nomad visa for a year, allowing you to work from home and enjoy the golden period of your life by exploring and visiting every city in the country. So, whether you’re a business owner or working from home for a company and wish to relocate to your dream city, Dubai, you can apply for a UAE digital nomad visa to give your lifestyle a cooler look.

Let me lift the curtain from Dubai digital nomad visa requirements, cost, and application process thoroughly so you can understand why you should consider applying for it instantly.

Overview of UAE Digital Nomad Visa

In March 2021, the Government of the UAE, like other countries, announced one-year digital nomad visas, also known as ‘Work Remotely from Dubai,’ welcoming digital nomads from all over the world to submit their applications and apply for this visa to live in one of the most luxurious cities, Dubai. Moreover, applicants can renew it after meeting the requirements to stay further. 

Benefits of Securing Dubai Digital Nomad Visa

Dubai is an incredibly desirable city, and many aspire to stay here for the long term. However, living and enjoying a lavish life in Dubai without obtaining a visa isn’t feasible. After acquiring this visa, you can accomplish your work from home and get numerous excellent benefits mentioned below. 

  • As a digital nomad, not only are you exempt from paying any income tax or local taxes, but you can also access a high-quality healthcare system with excellent facilities, allowing you to enjoy a high standard of medical care.
  • Additionally, upon receiving and arriving in the UAE, the government will provide the applicant with an Emirates ID. With this ID, you can access various services, including banking, housing rentals, and admission for your children in local schools.
  • Furthermore, you can enjoy the fastest internet connection with speeds of 256.04 Mbps for fixed connections as well as 273.87 Mbps for mobile connections. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about WiFi internet speed and can work smoothly from home.

Dubai Digital Nomad Visa Requirements

As the Dubai remote work visa is relatively new, its requirements often undergo changes. Initially, in 2022, the minimum monthly income requirement for applicants was USD 3500. However, in 2023, it changed from USD 3500 to USD 5000. Therefore, if you earn well and meet the criteria as mentioned above, you can proceed with your application to secure this visa. 

Here is the complete list of documents you need to apply for this visa. 

  • You should have a valid passport with at least 6 months of validity, along with a digital photo with dimensions of 45mm/35mm against a white background. Additionally, you will need proof of hotel booking or a rental agreement confirming your accommodation in the city to ensure a seamless visa application process.
  • Additionally, if you’re an entrepreneur, you must provide proof of your company ownership with a minimum income of USD 5,000 and bank statements for the last 3 months. 
  • On the other hand, if you are employed, you need to submit a one-year employment contract, along with 3 months of bank statements and proof of a monthly income of $5000, which is a standard requirement for all applicants.
  •  Nevertheless, if you’re applying for the visa of your family members, then applicants have to submit valid health insurance with a separate fee payment for each member.

How to Apply For Remote Work Visa in UAE?

You can visit the official website of ‘Work Remotely from Dubai,’ fill out the application carefully, and provide accurate information. Here is the complete process with which you’ll go through while applying for a Dubai digital nomad visa;

  • Once you submit the application with all mandatory documents via the official website, you’ll receive a confirmation email with instructions that you need to read and follow carefully.
  • After reviewing your application, you’ll receive payment instructions with a cost of $611, covering fees of $287 and other processing charges, medical insurance premiums, and Emirates ID.
  • Following payment, you need a medical visit immediately after traveling to Dubai. Once your visa is confirmed, you can book your ticket and travel to Dubai for a medical appointment. The results usually come within 2 weeks. After receiving the medical report, visit the biometrics office and complete the application form. Print out the application form and medical results, then go to the nearest biometrics office.
  • Once you complete this step, you will receive a call notifying you that your passport needs to be stamped, which will take one day. After it’s done, you will receive an SMS from the UAE. 
  • Lastly, after the government states that your residence card is ready for collection at the post office. After receiving it, you can live in Dubai for one year and start your journey easily.

Make Process Smooth with Alriyady Dubai

For a smooth and hassle-free process, I recommend hiring a team of professional services provided by Alriyady Corporate Services in Dubai. Our dedicated team of professionals, with years of experience and five-star reviews from clients, can turn your visa dream into reality.! Book your appointment today by visiting our ‘contact us‘ page or reach out directly via phone at +971 4 591 8185 or email at After hiring our professional team, you won’t need to worry about the arduous process of obtaining a Dubai digital nomad visa.


What is the minimum fee for the UAE Digital Nomad visa?

The overall cost is $611, which includes the application fee and all other processing charges, along with medical insurance and Emirates ID.

What’s the Dubai remote work visa processing time?

 The entire process usually takes 30 to 60 days once your application is sent to the official website.

Are there any nationality restrictions for normed visa?

 No, there are no nationality restrictions so far, but the immigration team reserves the right to accept or reject applicants because security is the top priority for every country.

Can I renew the visa after one year?

 Although this visa is valid for 1 year only, you must go through the entire process again if you wish to renew it.

Final Thought

In short, if you’re working from home and want to live in the most adorable country, the UAE, then you can apply for the Dubai Digital Nomad visa now. With this visa, you can not only live for 1 year but also enjoy a lot of benefits. However, if you’re new and want to avoid going through this cumbersome process, you can schedule an appointment with Alriyady Corporate services to make your process trouble-free and turn your dream into reality.

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