Freelance License

An Effective Guide on How to Get Freelance License in Dubai

Both the employment and business sectors are fast changing to keep up with the dynamic world. Employers are thinking of the best ways to derive the most value from their employees while spending the least resources. On the other hand, employees are on the lookout for any trick that can allow them to work conveniently and achieve work-life balance as well. Dubai has not been an exception as more and more residents are quitting their 9 to 5 jobs, which explains the recent rise in the number of businesses in the city. It has also recorded a significant increase in the number of people working from home.

Freelancing has become popular for most people in Dubai today. It is suitable for people who would like to start their businesses and those who love working at home and at the time they find most convenient. Most people find the idea of becoming freelancers in Dubai exciting, especially considering being in total control of their work time and company owners. Unknown to most of them, just like any other business owner, freelance company owners operating in Dubai and the entire UAE must get a freelance permit or license. It is also mandatory for anyone working as a freelancer in the UAE, Dubai included, to acquire a freelance visa. If you were thinking of starting and running a freelance company in Dubai, then you know better. You can easily find the license by following the steps outlined below.

What Should You Know About Freelancing in Dubai?

The UAE has several free zones, and the Dubai Media City is one of the most significant ones. Registration is currently ongoing under three sectors for people in need of freelance visas in the Emirates, which are the Dubai Media City (Media), Dubai Internet City (Tech), and Dubai Knowledge Park (Education).

While education and tech allow freelancers to choose only one activity, Media, on the other hand, gives freedom for up to three actions. If you are interested in media, you can choose to specialize in a range of photography, animation, and graphic design, among many others.

The Application Process of Freelance Licenses in Dubai?

Applying for a freelance license in Dubai requires the applicant to have several documents to be successful, as highlighted below;

  • The application form
  • CV/Resume
  • Visa/Passport copy
  • A reference letter from the bank
  • A No objection certificate issued by the UAE sponsor
  • Work samples or portfolio (Only for the media sector)
  • Certificates and credentials (Only for the Education sector)

Additional documents may also be required depending on the circumstances at hand.

How Do I Apply for The Freelance Permit?

Everyone loves convenience, which is what they enjoy when applying for a freelance license in Dubai. The whole process is done online, and it helps to determine whether the applicant is fit to join the freelance community or not.

The applicant gets a response between 5 and 7 days after submitting their application. It is only after receiving the email approval that they contact the business center. At this point, they present their original passport and complete the payment of their freelance permit, which costs AED 7500 renewable every year. Since the applicants with approved applications are required to sign the documents in person, then visiting the business centers is inevitable.

In case the applicant qualifies and submits all the required documents, the permit is processed within two working days and is received via email, ready for use.