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how to open bank account in UAE without salary

How to Open Bank Account in UAE Without Salary

Opening a bank account in UAE is not a big deal. You can easily apply for an account by providing the required documents in the bank or online. The real challenge is how to open bank account in UAE without salary? 

If you are an entrepreneur, student, housewife, or Freelancer and do not have any salary but want to avail yourself of bank services and withdraw money, don’t worry! There are several banks that provide the opportunity to open an account without any salary requirement. 

We all know the importance of bank accounts and their crucial role in savings and financial stability. If you are new in the city or have just started a job, you can open new bank account in the following banks

  • HSBC
  • CBD
  • ADIB
  • Mashreq 
  • ADCB

These banks not only allow you to open an account without the requirement of salary but also provide services that can contribute to encouraging saving habits and economic growth.

Are you excited to know how to open bank account in UAE without salary? and what services they are providing to their customers?

Yes! Let me explain in detail one by one.

Bank Accounts without Salary Requirement

There are many banks that do not require a salary, but you have to be careful while choosing, as there can be monthly or annual charges to pay. The UAE accounts in which no minimum salary is required are Flexi account, Emirates NBD bank, and Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank.

Flexi Account

Flexi accounts fall in the category of the most beneficial savings accounts in the UAE. Its valuable services for the customers make it a preferred choice among others. It allows access to all the services irrespective of the balance in the account. If you do not have a salary or you need a bank account, a Flexi account can be a good option for you. 

Mashreq Bank

In 1967, Mashreq Bank was established under the title of Bank of Oman. It is the oldest bank in the UAE, and it introduced debit and credit cards for customers. Another good thing about Mashreq open account is that it introduced a loan strategy in banks.

The process of opening an account in Mashreq is easy and convenient as you can also apply online, and it also eliminates the paperwork and other time-consuming steps. 

You can also get a 6% annual return annually without paying charges for maintenance or initial deposits. Additionally, there is no restriction on number of transactions per month in Mashreq open account. 

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB)

The United Arab Emirates’ third-largest bank and the Arab Gulf region’s fifth-largest bank was first known as Union National Bank and is now known as ADCB. The speed-up savings account of ADCB offers a 6.5% annual return without any salary requirement. 

It is a reliable and secure platform for short-term and long-term savings. It is a contributor to the economy as it provides services to the Egyptian market by investing. You can also be a part of it by opening an account with ADCB. 

NBD Bank

Another bank that offers the opportunity to open an account without salary is NBD Bank. It comes with many other benefits, including no balance maintenance and zero annual and monthly fees. Moreover, for convenience, an online application option is also provided to individuals.

The only limitation is that you should be a resident of UAE and be older than 18 years. Use the Liv app and open your account to earn a profit of up to 1.5%.

Procedure To Open Bank Account UAE

The procedure to open bank account UAE varies from Bank to Bank, but generally, the following steps are involved. You can open an account from home as well through the official site of the selected bank.

  •   The first step is to choose a bank that is reliable and secure 
  •   The second step is to select an account type that suits your needs and work type
  •  The third step is to fill out the provided application form either online or at the bank
  •   In the next step, the required proofs and documents are attached 
  •  For accuracy, reread the personal information you provided in the application form
  •   The last step is to submit the application form 

Transfer the initial deposits if required, and in 2 to 3 working days, login credentials will be provided through SMS or email. Activate your account and use it. 


At the end of this article, we hope you have a clear understanding of how to open bank account in UAE without salary and which specific banks provide this opportunity to persons without regular income. Bank accounts not only contribute to Economic Growth but also provides stability and easy access to money. You can use a debit or credit card for payments, eliminating the need for cash. Open a bank account in UAE and enjoy the services and facilities without paying any charges.


Yes, any entrepreneur can open new bank account in the UAE without any restrictions and limitations. If you are going to start any business and do not have any money to deposit in the bank, it’s not a problem anymore, as different banks allow individuals to open a bank without paying any charges. Moreover, you can earn annual profit and receive free maintenance along with a credit card through your UAE account.

Selecting a bank is an important task, and many factors should be kept in focus, such as  

  •   Maintenance charges 
  •   Initial deposits 
  •   Transactions allowed per month 
  •   Minimum salary required 
  •   Facility of credit /debit card
  •   Eligibility criteria 
  •   Loan policy 
  •   Documents required


In UAE, many different types of accounts are available, and anyone can select the one that best suits their needs. The main types are active and saving accounts. In an active account, a credit card is provided, and the customer can transfer money for unlimited times. In savings accounts, transactions are limited, and few banks provide credit cards.

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