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How to Start Logistics Business in UAE

How to Start Logistics Business in UAE?

The economy and the strategic location make UAE one of the best countries to start your business. However, various steps are involved if you want to start your business. This blog will discuss how to start logistics business in UAE.

In the logistics business, the main goal is to deliver the goods smoothly from one location to another location. In this process, transportation of goods and customer care service play a vital role. As we all know, UAE is a hub of IT, so we can make this process more fluent with the help of technology.

Which Logistics Business is Suitable?

Logistics is a vast field, and if you are confused about how to start logistics business in UAE. So, the first step is choosing the right logistics business domain. Let’s discuss some standard logistics businesses, and we hope after reading this, you will be able to select the right logistics business domain for yourself.

Transportation of Goods

In this logistic transportation business, the main goal is transporting the goods from one point to another. Usually, the manufacturing companies ask to deliver the goods from their factories to the wholesales or consumers who are their product’s ultimate users.

Different logistics companies provide various transportation services as per the manufacturer’s requirements, such as whether they want to transport their goods by road, air, or sea.

Storage and Delivery of Goods

In this logistics business model, the companies provide the facility to store the goods in their warehouse and distribute them to the end users. You must have a warehouse and the skills to manage and distribute the inventory to provide this service.

Fulfillment Centers

The duties of fulfillment centers are to handle the orders, pick up the goods, provide the packaging services, and deliver the goods to the users. These centers mainly work with e-commerce businesses. Because e-commerce businesses want fulfillment services from one company rather than contract with different companies for each service. Since it is easy to manage, speeds up the process, and is more helpful in tracking before and after the delivery of products.

Third-Party Logistics

Third-party logistics is known as 3PL, and the primary purpose of 3PL service providers is to bridge manufacturers and transport service providers. 3PL service providers play the role of broker. The manufacturers negotiate and deal with 3PL service providers and transport the goods using the shipper’s transportation services.

Why to Start Logistics Business in UAE?

Suppose you want to start your company in UAE and make some good profit. The logistics business is one of the most profitable businesses in UAE. If you are already interested in the logistics business but don’t know how to start logistics business in UAE, indeed, this blog is for you.

The location of the UAE is significant for business, especially for logistics businesses. In the logistics business, we move the goods from one place to another. So, our current location where we move the goods play a vital role in our industry.

The infrastructure of the UAE has developed, and the technology facilities are much better than in some countries. These developments and facilities make the process more efficient and smooth.

The political environment and economy are both fantastic in the UAE. UAE provides a friendly environment for business, and the economy is stable, which is helpful if you want to start a business.

Steps to Start a Logistics Business in UAE

The first step is to select your logistics business model, which we have explained above. To choose the business model, we advise you to research and match it with your resources. In this process, you can also ask the experts for help, and we, Alriyady, can guide you.

After selecting the logistic business model, the next step is to choose the preferred location in the UAE for your business. It would be helpful if your business location matches with your business plan.

Now, the next step is to select the name of your business and work the required documents by the authorities. You must choose the name and prepare the documents carefully because it will help you get a license.

As per the UAE’s government rules, you must obtain a trade license to start your business in the UAE. If you want to read and get details of the process, you can go to our blog on Trade License, where you will get all the necessary information.


Let’s discuss the related questions about how to start logistics business in UAE. After reading these questions, you will have a clear business path.

Which is best to start a logistics business, Free Zone or Mainland?

The selection of a Free Zone and Mainland for logistics business depends on many factors. Among these factors, business models, business plans, and benefits are essential. It depends on your business plan and which location you choose.

Is it essential to comply with customs regulations?

Yes, you must comply with the customs and import/export regulations. We advise you to stay in touch with the customs updates so that you will have the latest knowledge. Prepare all your documents correctly, as the papers are essential in the clearance of your shipment.

Which kind of technology is vital in UAE for logistics business?

The technology and infrastructure of your logistics business depend on your business model. But it would be best to have good tracking system technology software as it will make your business more efficient, which will help you get more clients.


Let’s have some final words about how to start logistics business in UAE. Starting a business in the UAE is a fantastic idea as UAE has a perfect location and friendly environment to start and grow your business. Suppose you have a good business plan and a successful implementation. We can assure you that you will succeed wildly in your industry.

After reading this you will have a clear idea about why and how to start a logistics business in UAE. We hope that after reading this, you will have a clear idea about the logistics business in the UAE.

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