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How to start security company in Dubai

Start security company in Dubai

We all hear the word security, so we take physical security for granted until we need it. Further, in this digital world, the word security often makes us imagine cyber. But security guards, CCTV, and locks are ordinary worldwide, and in Dubai, it is also a broad business. So, most people want to know how to start security company in Dubai.

You need to know the basic steps that we discussed in this article. So, the security companies in Dubai generated revenue of USD 7.5m at the end of this year. Moreover, if you want to help others feel more secure at home and office in the UAE, then you can start this business.

A survey of the Dubai security industry

The security industry has grown very fast in the UAE in recent years. However, regional Governments take the healthier step to defend their people, businesses, and properties. According to the research, Dubai’s broader commercial security market is worth around USD 10bn for its power security services Dubai, ID systems, and alarms.

The events and high-profile functions need a security guard to protect their VIPs. Moreover, launching their event security company in Dubai is a great time. So you need to take just a few simple steps.

Steps to start a security company in UAE

Suppose your question is how to start security company in Dubai. First of all, you need to follow these basic steps.

Registering your company name

First, you must choose your new company’s security services registration name. While selecting the business name in Dubai, you must follow several conventions. You will need to avoid any character that can be considered offensive.

Also, ensure your selected name differs from the existing company or institution. Further, your name will also be obtainable to register. And always take a few options in this case if your chosen name is already taken. Your company’s brand name and logo increase your business’s value. Once you make a decision, then submit it.

Obtaining a business license

You can apply for your UAE trade license with your chosen name and registration. A different process exists to set up a company in the mainland or a free zone. So, the mainland license is issued by the Department of Economic Development or Equivalent municipality. Free zone authorities issue the free zone licenses.

Completing the visa processes

Anyone who works or lives in the UAE will need a residency Visa. Further, with the proper support, the license application process time could be short. For this process, you must undergo medical and fitness tests, chest X-rays, and blood tests. As a UAE visa holder, you can sponsor the visas of your children, parents, and domestic staff.

Opening a bank account

You must open a UAE corporate bank account to make and receive the payment. For non-GCC citizens, it is not an easy process. So, the UAE bank account can make your business more professional.

Select the type of security you will offer

You need to decide which kind of security services you will provide. So there are the private securities that you can offer, such as

  • Vehicle parking security
  • Door supervisors
  • Mobile patrols
  • Event security
  • Keyholding response
  • Close protection bodyguard
  • CCTV monitoring or home security alarms
  • Manned security guards

Before selecting how to start security company in Dubai, you must choose the security services according to your skills and interests. It would help if you specialized or have experience in related fields to offer excellent services.

Hire a staff for your company

You should need to hire a staff for your dream security business company. So remember to hire those staff who are experienced and have the legal license to work as security guards. And take the proper interview while hiring the staff.

Set up the web presence:

Your business website allows the customers to know about your company, product, or services you offer. After the security companies in Dubai license, you should build a website. Further, social media is also a great way to attract customers.

How to get a security SIRA license?

To get the security license, all the private security guards must go through the SIRA license. First of all, you need to sign up on the SIRA website. Then, it would help if you went to the SIRA cadre training center for the necessary paperwork. After registration, you can get the SIRA training course. Further, it will give you the best security training to help you reduce the risk and protect your clients and others. So make sure that you follow all the rules that you learn.

SIRA training needs specific papers

Before starting the security training, you will need to submit the following documents

  • Application form
  • Colors passport photos
  • Copy of your passports
  • Copy of your residency visa
  • Copy of your Emirates ID
  • Medical fitness certificate

SIRA fees in Dubai

For SIRA training, you need to pay the fee; it will depend upon the course you choose, such as manager and supervisor training, first aid training, or security awareness training. Further, the training fee range is from AED 210 to 5,000, depending upon the course.

Get an SIRA approval in Dubai.

When you come to a business in UAE, you need to get external approval to conduct the business activities. So, in this case, you can get permission from the Securities Industry Regulatory Agency. If you deal with this process at home, it can cause some trouble. Moreover, another way is to consult with an expert on UAE’s legal proceedings.

Requirements for SIRA Dubai

You can apply for SIRA and other vocational courses on a tourist visa and are allowed to use this certificate to find a job. And for some entry-level courses, you do not need any qualifications. However, to get a higher license, you need some experience.

Further, obtaining the permit requires some security experience as a security supervisor, CCTV operator, and security manager. You must be physically healthy, and the acceptable age is between 21 and 55. In the UAE, you can apply for the SIRA license on a tourist visa if you are physically fit and aged between 21 and 55.

Security company license activity that needs SIRA approval in the UAE

  • Security Guard
  • Event security guard
  • Cash in transit guard
  • CCTV operator
  • Security supervisor
  • Security trainer
  • Security manager
  • Security auditor
  • Security systems technicians
  • Security systems engineer
  • Security consultant

Frequently Asked Question

Is the security business profitable in Dubai?

Starting the security business in the Dubai mainland could be an excellent opportunity for foreign investors. So it is a great idea.

What is the SIRA certificate in Dubai?

The SIRA is also known as the Security Industry Regulatory Authority in Dubai. So, it was introduced by the Dubai Government to monitor the security measurements, ensure the city’s safety, and certify only the right people for the security duties.

What are the requirements for the security industries in Dubai?

First, the security industry requirements are you are physically fit and your acceptable age is between 21 and 55. However, if you are in this reasonable age bracket and physically healthy, then you can apply for the SIRA license in UAE.

Conclusion of how to start security company in Dubai

As one of Dubai’s most significant and trustworthy businesses, you must follow the steps described in the above paragraph. Further, if you have the skills and the proper knowledge, then starting a security company in Dubai is not complex for you. Remember that the application process is not time-consuming if your license application is complete without any error. Contact the consultants who will provide free business tips for your dream business setup.