Industrial License

Industrial Licensing In Dubai UAE

Dubai provides you with the best business environment. Whether you a sole proprietor of operating under a partnership (LLC), you’ll be required to obtain an operation License. If your company depends on the transformation and manufacture of resources, you should apply for an industrial license in Dubai.

Listed here are some of the sectors that fall under manufacturing company:

Bread manufacturing and food industries, textile manufacturing, the casting of metals industries, equipment, engine manufacturing, manufacture of petroleum products, and paper manufacturing.

Licensing conditions

The body mandated for licensing companies in Dubai is the Department of Economic Development. You may need to get some recommendations from the Municipality or individual ministries depending on the Firm’s purpose. For instance, companies operating in the money sector get approved by the Central Bank of Dubai. The Ministry approves companies that offer insurance services of Economy to acquire a license of operation. Another section is the Ministry of Health, which authorizes medical Firms and pharmaceutical enterprises.

Operating an industry in Dubai, fifty percent of its capital is given to UAE citizens. Besides, the company must be owned by a UAE national, or the majority of its directors be UAE nationals.

The legal requirements for processing an industrial license.

To apply for a license, you need to provide the following documents to the Abu Dhabi DEB;

Th factory’s full details, such as the goals and plans, information about the production, cost of manufacture, and financing systems to the industry. Other information could include the employees’ data and any other essential details.

An approved geographical position and plan where the industry will be established with the Municipality’s approval to set up the factory. Moreover, you must produce the projects’ proof for financial support. I.e., bank statements from one UAE commercial institution. Finally, the authorities would need evidence of your company’s founding contract, registration with the local chamber, and your passport or UAE identity card.

The DED will peruse your application and give a verdict in three months. Upon approval, the DED will send a notification within fifteen days.

What you must do after obtaining the license

After receiving the industrial license, you are obligated to;

Commence working on the projects within six months, after approval notification, and consequently issue the Department for Economic Development with all data they request in 10 days.

Seek to place the industry in the industrial register and inform the DED about industry changes that might have occurred and their impact on manufacturing.

Inform the DED when the industry starts its operational deals so that you can be issued a certificate. Also, submit reports regularly to DED about the impacts of the government’s aid to the factory. The report should also touch on the progress of the factory, and its financial status. Additionally, remit a record of data employees in the Firm, ensuring that 25% of your employees are UAE nationalities.

Put up with all UAE regulations governing industrial security, health, and matters of the environment.

Notify the DED about the appointment of the factory’s director responsible for law enforcement.

DED may recommend the government push you financially by relieving you of some operational revenue and customs.

To qualify for these privileges;

You need to be producing goods for national use and export positioned to compete with other foreign products. Your industry should also be utilizing local raw materials and built on zones within government specifications.

Do you qualify for an industrial license?

Eligibility is talked about only after all the above requirements are achieved. That’s where expertise like pro service Dubai kicks in. With years of expertise, a highly cheered team in AL RIYADY would be happy to give you exceptional services in obtaining an industrial license in Dubai.