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Local Service Agent in UAE, Dubai: Complete Guide

If you are planning to establish a business outside the free zone of Dubai or the UAE, it is essential to understand the importance and role of a local service agent (LSA) in maximizing business opportunities. Appointing an LSA is not optional but mandatory for business work. Before talking about benefits of a local service agent, let’s know who a local service agent is. 

What is a local service agent?

Whether you are an entrepreneur or businessman who has invested in different companies, a local service agent is a fundamental requirement to represent your business in UAE or Dubai effectively. Without an agent, it is going to be very challenging to handle certain tasks on your own. 

LSA performs multiple tasks according to the needs of the business, such as representing a company, dealing with the authorities, facilitating connections, and fulfilling other requirements. 

In Dubai and UAE, there are multiple rules for foreign investors to follow when starting a company or business. As a responsible investor, you should know about all of these. A foreign investor can not own more than 49% of the company, and a local citizen should own the remaining. Local citizens own up to 51% of the company but do not perform any tasks. However, local service agents in Dubai do not own anything regarding investments but organize meetings, dealings, and present companies. 

Services Provided by Local Service Agent 

An LSA provides different services regarding legal obligations and ensures that everything related to the company or business runs smoothly. Following are some of the services provided by an LSA

  • LSA is a link between investors and the authorities. 
  • Performs all the paperwork related to the company
  • Provides valuable insights 
  • Plays a role in building relationships with local authorities 
  • Organize meetings and conduct business activities 
  • Solve every matter as soon as possible 

Moreover, there is no language barrier as agents are local to UAE or Dubai. This helps understand the norms and culture and essential for effective communication. Not only this, the company’s administrative work, except for the renewal of the license, is performed through LSA. Before hiring an LSA, they sign a power of attorney (POA), most of the conditions of which favor the company’s foreign investors. 

Cost Of the LSA

 Local service agent Dubai costs can vary depending upon the type of business, what activities are performed daily, how much official work they handle, and most importantly, the timeframe of your business. Usually, LSA in Dubai and UAE demands up to 8000 AED each year. There is no significant cost difference between local service agent UAE and Dubai. 

In some areas, they charge a small annual fee and let you perform everything your way like sleeping partners do. If you have to run a business for a longer time, you can offer a salary package accordingly. If the amount of work is less and LSA performs no official work, you can offer a lesser amount than mentioned above. 

Importance of Local Service Agent

After getting information about what local service agents are and what they do, let me explain how beneficial they can be for the growth of your business. They not only ensure success but also provide all the vital information and great ideas to the keen explorers of business opportunities.

Building Connection 

Understanding the rules and connecting with other companies, stakeholders, clients, and locals is overwhelming for a foreign investor. However, LSA can do all of this effortlessly and make a network of connections with trustworthy and loyal clients and companies. They easily represent the company on behalf of foreign entities and create opportunities for boosting business through different strategies. 

Navigate Rules 

To run a business smoothly in the UAE, it is important to understand and follow the provided guidelines and rules. Staying glued to rules and making every move according to them helps the business flourish and makes a good impression on the company, among others. An LSA is a complete guide and keeps things on track by following the rules in each business matter and avoiding penalties. 

Market Insights

In business, making a decision is not easy, and it takes time to decide whether it would be in favor of the company or not. However, having valuable knowledge about the market has made it easier to take a step. An LSA keeps a record of everything and has information regarding what is in demand, what competitors are up to, what customers need, what is trending, and much more. Keeping a record of the market’s demands helps stay relevant and in demand, resulting in a journey towards success.  

Understanding of Laws

Each country has some laws regarding business, and following them is the only option for a smooth business. In Dubai, specific laws have been introduced for foreign investors, and they may find it hard to understand. However, LSA is an expert, knows everything related to laws, and helps the company by figuring out all the paperwork. 

Professional Guidance 

Business varies according to needs, problems, and challenges. To deal with all of these, we need expert advice and guidance to grow through it. We can’t ask for help from random people; a guide should have complete knowledge of the business. For this, an LSA is helpful and gives professional guidance according to the needs.


An LSA keeps you away from stress and other confusion by taking responsibility for all the paperwork. After hiring a professional LSA, you don’t have to worry about licenses and approvals. They perform everything accurately and on time. 

Time Management 

LSA performs all the important tasks professionally, including meetings with local and government authorities. This results in saving time for owners to perform other important tasks related to business. 

Choosing LSA is a big decision as they perform most of the business tasks. As much as an efficient LSA can contribute to company’s success, an incompetent agent can bring more harm than good. After selecting LSA for your business, it is important to keep in mind that it might be possible for an agent to leave without any notice, charge more than the other agents as you are unfamiliar, and can be unreliable. To avoid troubles, a local service agent agreement UAE can be signed to define terms before collaboration with LSA. 

If you are unsure whether you need to hire a local partner for yourself, here are some types of businesses that require hiring a local sponsor. It includes businesses or companies related to information technology, architectural services, supplying labor, and fire equipment.


Hiring a local service agent is essential for a profitable business in Dubai or the UAE. They facilitate business in a number of ways by representing the company and offering outstanding support and elite guidance. For the company to have a successful presence in a respected area, it is important to hire a reliable, professional, experienced, and trustworthy LSA. Otherwise, it can lead to unwanted circumstances for the company and the owner.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the key responsibilities of local service agents in UAE?

The key responsibilities of LSA UAE and Dubai are almost the same, as in both areas, they involve representing the company, legal facilitation, dealing with different departments, providing information related to the local market, documentation, sponsorship, approvals, and labor contracts.

What is the difference between a local partner and a local agent?

Both are local citizens of the UAE or Dubai, but they have different roles in business. According to the rules and regulations, a foreign investor can own up to 49% of the company, and for the remaining part, a local partner is required. However, LSA does not hold any share in the company but is responsible for all the paperwork and other tasks related to the company.

What qualities should an LSA have?

An LSA should be responsible and professional, reliable, experienced, and trustworthy. All of these qualities in LSA ensure a successful business, whether it is in Dubai or UAE. 


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