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Offshore Bank Account in Dubai

Offshore Bank Account in Dubai

Dubai is famous for its perfect location and business-friendly environment. Moreover, Dubai is a favorite spot for individuals and companies who like to open an offshore bank account in Dubai. You’ll get advantages of both finance and tax in offshore banking. You can easily access the international market from Dubai as an individual or company. Let’s discuss the detailed guide on how to open an offshore bank account in Dubai.

What is an Offshore Bank Account?

An offshore bank account is held in a foreign country and an individual or company can open this account. The parameters for choosing a country to open an offshore bank account include a stable economy of a country, business-friendly environment, transparent rules and regulations, and tax advantages.

Benefits of Open an Offshore Bank Account in Dubai

You can get several benefits to open an offshore account in Dubai because of its location, stable financial economy, and rules and regulations. The financial system of Dubai is so strong and investors invest their amount from all over the world. So, you’ll get easy access to this reliable financial system.

Dubai has tax tax-friendly environment and strict laws regarding the privacy of account holders which’s a plus point. There’s no capital gain tax and personal income tax which is a facility for investors and individuals and an opportunity to maximise their wealth.

Choose a Right Bank

The first step is to choose the right bank for an offshore bank account in Dubai. Before opening an account, conducting thorough research on all banks in Dubai is recommended. You can consider various factors in your research, like the services offered, international banking standards, and reputation. However, some banks like NBD, Mashreq Bank, and Standard Chartered have good reputations in Dubai.

Types of Offshore Bank Accounts in Dubai

There are different types of offshore bank accounts. However, you can assess the types of bank accounts as per your requirements and financial goals. Although there’re some standard accounts in which both personal savings and corporate accounts are included. It’s recommended to choose the account type as per your business plan.

Required Documents for Offshore Bank Account

The required documents to open an offshore account may vary from requirement to requirement. However, some generic documents need to be submitted in all types of offshore accounts. In generic documents, copies of passport, utility bill (for proof of residence), documents of business (if you’re opening a corporate account), and declaration of source of funds are included.

Before submitting the documents, discuss with the bank regarding their requirements because all documents must be according to the standards and requirements of the bank.

Currency Type

You have a choice to open an offshore bank account in Dubai in your desired currency. It’s advisable to open an account in a currency that is aligned with your financial plans, business plan, and international markets. Furthermore, some common currencies are AED, USD, Euros, and British pounds.

How to Start the Process?

After gathering all your required documents as per the standards of the bank, you can either visit the bank or open an offshore account online. However, it also depends on the policies of the bank whether the online facility to open an account is available or not. However, if you visit the bank, you can discuss your matters with the bank representative and get customized help from the bank.

Initial Deposit

To activate your bank account, most banks ask you to deposit some amount. Furthermore, the amount of initial deposit depends on the bank and the type of offshore account. So, it’s best to ask the bank before opening an account, as it’ll be easy for you to ensure that the amount is available at that time.

Account Approval

Before getting account approval, you need to submit an application form with your accurate and correct details. You must double-check all the details because any incomplete or incorrect detail will cause a delay in account approval.

After the submission of the account application and all required documents, the bank will review all the information. The account approval time varies from a few days to a few weeks. Once your offshore account is approved, it’ll activate and you can access it and use it as you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the legal requirements to maintain an offshore bank account?

To maintain an offshore bank account it’s advisable to stay informed about the changes in rules and regulations. You need to fulfill the requirements of tax reporting and ensure compliance with the policies of the bank. It would be best if you review your financial situation regularly and ensure that things are going as per your business plan.

Can I link my offshore bank account to the other accounts?

Offshore banks offer the facility of online banking and you can link the accounts to perform the transactions. As an offshore bank account holder, you can perform the international transfers and make the payments. This facility of using offshore accounts makes it suitable for daily financial activities.

How can I secure my offshore bank account?

Normally, the standard of security for offshore bank accounts is high. As an account holder, you can increase security by updating the complicated password and enabling two-factor authentication. It’s advisable to protect the credentials of accounts.


In conclusion, opening an offshore bank account in Dubai is like managing your money in a new way and a different country. You can keep your offshore account money private and save the tax on it. If you’re into investment and making more money, you can perform an international transaction more comfortably from an offshore account. Although, it’s crucial to choose the right type of account.

It’s recommended to consult with a financial expert before opening an offshore bank account because it should align with your financial goals as opening an offshore account isn’t the same for all. However, it’s a crucial decision and you must take your time and research it as it’ll help you avoid facing potential issues.


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