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 Online Bank Account Opening With Zero Balance in UAE

 Online Bank Account Opening With Zero Balance in UAE

Bank accounts provide valuable services to users, facilitate personal and business transactions, adding ease to life. Sometimes one doesn’t have any money, at that point one may wonder about online bank account opening with zero balance in UAE? Yes, you read it right. It is not a possibility but a reality in the UAE. The cherry on top is its easy and straightforward process of opening an account.

A UAE bank account without minimum balance means users can avail of all opportunities and services without having any amount in their accounts. Earlier, there were some stringent requirements of having a specified minimum amount in banks, and for some users, it was not less than any challenge. Now, you don’t have to worry as users have the freedom to open a 0 balance account in UAE.

Are you ready to say goodbye to limitations and restrictions of minimum balance in your account? Yes! Let me explain the procedure, advantages and other useful information related to banks in which you can easily open your account.

Banks That Provide Zero Balance Accounts

There are several banks that allow opening zero balance salary account in UAE. The banks that provide this offer are mentioned below.

ADIB Smart Banking Account

ADIB smart bank allows both income-based and non-income users to open accounts. Housewives and students are also eligible for opening accounts.

Key features of ADIB are

o   Customers can get profit on each dirham account

o   Age of the applicant should be more than 18 years

o   ABID does not charge any monthly or annual fee

o   Documents required to open an account are passport, Emirates ID and residence visa

o   Individuals can apply through mobile App as well.

Mashreq Happiness Account

Residents of UAE can open an account in Mashreq Bank without paying any charges, and there is no requirement for a minimum balance. It also provides a free chequebook and debit card. Additionally, on joining, you can get a bonus and reward on every transaction.

Other benefits of a Happiness account

o   No monthly charges

o   No restrictions for expats

o   Free salam points

o   On activation of an account, you can get a bonus of up to AED 2000

First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB)

In the FAB iSave account, anyone can open an account with a zero balance. It allows unlimited transactions and zero paperwork. Without any difficulty, FAB users can shift their accounts to iSave with a few taps.

Advantages of opening an iSave account are

o   iSave account does not charge money on account opening

o   You don’t have to pay monthly and annual fee 

o   No specified amount to keep in account

o   Option of unlimited Transactions

HSBC eSaver Account

In UAE, HSBC Bank offers zero balance account options for all UAE nationals. The non-resident has to submit relevant documents including a passport. Cashback rewards are also offered by HSBC regardless of account type.

eSaver account of HSBC provides the following benefits

o   Savings can be turned into winnings with eSaver

o   No monthly or annual fee

o   The minimum balance in the account can be zero

ADCB Active Saver Account

On opening an active saver account in ADCB, you do not have to maintain an amount in the bank all the time. The cheery on top is that ADCB provides the opportunity to open up to 5 separate active saver accounts.

Other benefits of opening an Active saver account

o   No minimum balance requirement

o   You can select any currency as account currency

o   Anyone can open an active saver account

o   No maintenance charges

RAKBANK Emirates Skywards Savings Account

This is one of the best zero-balance saving accounts that provide multiple services to its customers without any monthly or annual charges.

The other top reasons to join Skywards savings account are

o   No minimum balance required

o   Available in AED

o   You can get a checkbook as well

o   UAE nationals and Expats can apply for an account

o   You can apply for a loan

o   No maintenance charges

Commercial Bank of Dubai (CBD)

The ESaver account of CBD allows UAE nationals to open zero balance salary account in UAE without any charges. The zero-balance ESsaver account provides many other beneficial services to its customers. It includes

o   Account maintenance is free

o   No specified amount to keep in account

o   The minimum salary required is AED 5K only

o   No monthly or annual charges

For convenience of customers, some banks provide zero balance account opening online services.

How can you apply online for a 0 balance account in UAE?

Technology has made everything easy and convenient for people, and it is easy to get things done. You can apply for a zero balance account opening online by following these steps.

Ø  Choose any bank that has no requirement of a minimum amount in the account

Ø  Open the application form

Ø  Provide the required information and documents

Ø  Provide proof of income if required

Ø  Double-check the information you provided

Ø  Submit the application

Important Points to Keep in Mind

Before choosing an online bank account opening with zero balance in UAE, keep these factors in focus.

Ø  There should be no deposit requirement

Ø  There are no monthly or annual charges

Ø  The online platform is secure and beneficial.

Ø  What services are provided on account opening?

Ø  What are the eligibility criteria for a selected bank?

Ø  Number of transactions allowed per month


At the end of this article, we hope you are well informed of online bank account opening with zero balance in UAE. The valuable opportunity of a 0 balance account in UAE is a step towards the financial stability of users. Before choosing any bank, gather all the information related to fees and other relevant charges so you don’t have to face any problems later. It is also important that the bank you select is reliable, in a suitable location and provides favorable conditions to its customers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can non-residents open an account with zero balance in the account?

Yes, non-residents can also apply to open an account with a zero balance. There are several banks that have no requirement for a specified amount in the account, including First Abu Dhabi Bank, Mashreq Happiness, and ABCD active saver account. Non-residents can activate their accounts by providing the required documents and relevant information.

What are the benefits of opening a zero balance account in the UAE?

Banks are the bone of financial stability and facilitate users with valuable services. A UAE bank account without minimum balance provides access to making transactions, receiving payments and managing funds. Also, 0 balance account in UAE is ray of hope for entrepreneurs and other individuals who may not pay initially.

Which banks open zero-balance accounts?

There are countless banks in UAE that offer an opportunity for zero balance accounts. You can select any bank according to your preferences and needs. Here are some banks that you can choose from

o   First Abu Dhabi iSave account

o   HSBC Esaver account

o   ADIB Smart account

o   Commercial Bank Dubai (CBD)

o   Mashreq Happiness account


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