Professional License in Dubai UAE

 Professional License in UAE

The investment atmosphere in the UAE is one full of opportunities, and business prospects globally never tire to give a shot here. However, the legal requirements make the whole process a bit challenging, and without the right expertise, you can easily give up.

Commonly known as PRO, a Certified Liaison Officer is the person in control of all official paperwork required for company Ownership and operation in Dubai. From freelance licensing, labor cards to company licensing, all these operations are served better by the PRO.

Several investors question the necessary steps to acquiring a professional license. Let’s dive in and identify some of the most critical elements about owning a valid professional license.

First, a professional license is given to an investor or Firm to take part in any profession of their talent and abilities. Dubai offers three categories of these businesses: Commercial license, Professional license, and Industrial license.

Services offered under professional licensing are

 Artisan, carpentry, medical services, consultancy, printing and publishing, computer graphics, beauty and salons, repair services, and security services.


Unlike commercial licenses, a professional license permits a foreigner to enjoy the benefits of a sole proprietor. Consequently, it is obligatory to work with a UAE citizen to work through law requirements as a local service agent. The agent does not get directly involved or have equity or liable to the company’s liabilities but only charges an annual fixed service fee. You have to approach the DED to acquire a professional license in Dubai.

How do you acquire a Professional License in Dubai?

The first thing is to make a clear description of the activities or services your business is going to undertake. Then, appoint a Dubai-national service agent to oversee all legal procedures needed to obtain a UAE license. After that, acquire the initial approval form from DED and finally pay for the business reserved name and submit for approval by DED.


To receive a professional license in Dubai, you need to have several documents for the process.


The required items

 are a filled application form, Personal or partners copies of passports, a  copy of the partners’ naturalization book, and a No- Objection Cert (NOC). Also, carry with you a Shareholders UID number if he/she is on a visit visa and a copy of a visit from authorities (Municipality, National media council) for foreign partners.


On the other hand, there are documents to submit a Tenancy Contract with Dubai Municipality. They are a prescribed application form, the name reservation certificate, Initial approval by DED, and Rental contract registration. Additionally, you require AED 20,000 as a security deposit for a partner in a licensed professional company and AED 10,000 deposit for a professional license without a partner.


Are you armed with the right documents? Now, the next thing is to get the job done.

Step by Step procedure of getting your professional License in Dubai

With the UAE national, fill the local service agreement form from a national translator, then get the document approved by a public notary legal officer. If the agreement is in Arabic, make an MOA with the sponsor and outline its fee in the contract.


Fill in one more form and get it approved if you acquire a civil company license and let all partners attend to the notary and sign the court partnership agreement. Moreover, get the Tenancy contract approvals from Municipality and submit the approved forms, passports to DED. Finally, make payments and receive the license with a payment voucher.


Professional licensing requires expertise and time to process; mostly, authorities require evidence or external certification. Though acquiring a professional license in Dubai comes with many perks like labor quotas, corporate bank account ownerships, and visa applications, it is not easy to obtain one. Why would you not hire a Pro Service Dubai Company? Link with AL RIYADY professionals and get the task done at your comfort. We’d be happy to assist.