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Start personal training business in Dubai

Start Presonal training business in Dubai

Fitness and health is a massive profession in UAE. Healthy living is one of the vital parts of Dubai’s culture and lifestyle. There are thousands of fitness outlets, health clubs, and exercise centers in the UAE. Start personal training business in Dubai can be costly because you need to put aside the rise of equipment, wearable technologies, and apps, and one of the most critical things is a significant area.

Suppose you have the command of exercising and helping people learn and care for their physical and mental health. In that case, the personal trainer license in UAE is beneficial as a business venture for you. According to a recent study, UAE fitness is projected to gain over US $600 by 2025. It indicates that the population of the UAE is more keen on their physical activities.

Qualification for personal trainer at UAE

Most people want to know how to be a personal trainer in Dubai. As a personal trainer or to get the personal trainer license, you should need to know about fitness and exercise. Further, first, you must apply for permission to work as a personal trainer. To launch a small business as a personal trainer in UAE, you need a level 3 certificate or diploma in personal fitness and training.

It is the entry-level 9 in the UAE market. After getting the certificate, you must be a self-employed personal trainer or work at a gym that permits you to train in the trainer course. Remember that education is not limited to a diploma and degree; you can use soft skills to prove eligible for a work visa in UAE.

You can be one of the most excellent trainers with a legal visa and education. Only the qualification is not enough; you must be superb at what you do with tactile value to your client.

However, once you achieve your training qualification or certificate, register with the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) UAE. To start personal training business in Dubai, you need to hold approved qualifications. According to the UAE Sports Council, it is compulsory for a personal trainer job in Dubai.

Set up to start personal training business in Dubai

If you are interested in private fitness classes or want to provide individual training courses and know how to be a personal trainer in Dubai, then you need to follow these steps

  1. Apply for a business license

The first thing to setting up the UAE business is obtaining the license. Further, this procedure is twofold for the personal trainer: if you want to set up the business in the free zone, you must get an individual training permit to establish your business.

But, once you get the license for the free zone, you will need to register for work authorization from the General Authority of Youth and Sports Welfare in UAE. So, it is essential to complete both stages.

  1. Low entry barriers

For a personal trainer, the barriers to entry are low. Most UAE free zones can efficiently issue the license within a few days. Further, to apply for your work permit, you must register with the General Authority of Youth & Sports Welfare and then with REPs.

  1. Opening your studio or office

You must apply for DED for any physical space you want to open. And then negotiate with your chosen building landlord. It can be not easy, so seek guidance from the UAE company formation specialist before embarking on the step.

Applying for a personal trainer UAE visa

To start personal training business in Dubai, you must submit a few primary documents at the end of the application process to obtain a personal visa in UAE. Here is a list of the documents that are required;

  • Proof of any ID and address for any director or owners.
  • Articles of Association.
  • Memorandum of Association.
  • Passport copies of the owner.
  • Completed application form.
  • Two colors passport-size photographs.
  • Trade name-confirmation copy.

With these documents, obtaining a license is very easy.

Benefits of obtaining the personal training license in Dubai

There are numerous benefits when you bring a unique training license in Dubai. You can grow your career in the training industry and play your part in health and wellness.

Growth potential

As you know, Dubai’s fitness company is underdeveloped due to the pandemic and online fitness trends. Moreover, the population of the UAE is highly keen on their health statistic. So, starting a personal trainer job in Dubai would be a profitable start-up idea. In the Emirate, there are many humble athletes and professional trainers. It attracts a large number of clients.


As a trainer in Dubai, flexibility in your work hours is necessary. Further, the amount of your time is divided adequately among each client whom you decide to train. So, the Meydan Free Zone and Investor license allows you to choose and rent space for your training session.

No complex legalities

In Dubai, applying for your work permit and receiving it quickly is pretty simple. Further, no annual audit and No Objection Certificates (NOCs) exist. So, the process of your personal training business can be uncomplicated.

Frequently Asked Question

Let’s talk about the commonly asked questions by the people in the UAE about this training license and fitness industry.

Can I be a personal trainer in Dubai?

To start personal training business in Dubai, holding an internationally recognized qualification is essential. Further, the easiest way is to get the unique trainer diploma, which fully trains for your career.

Is a personal trainer a promising career in UAE?

Remember that if you are passionate about exercise, fitness, health, gym instructing, fitness instructing, and training people to improve their overall health, like physical fitness and physical activities, then a Dubai fitness lover is waiting for you. So, the personal trainer career is best for you.

How much does it cost to get a personal trainer license in UAE?

The business license for the personal trainer in UAE starts at AED 5750 in the SPC free zone. But this price includes your business license MOA and business activity certificate, and the visa allocation is up to 100 quotes.

If you are interested in getting a license for an audit business, you can go through the related blog.


Becoming a personal trainer in Dubai is an effective and fruitful business in the UAE. Further, to start the company, you must have in-depth knowledge of the region’s rules, regulations, and customs. You need to know some basic information about the documentation and your business. Sit with the experts and communicate about managing your license and visa application. It will help you a lot to start personal training business in Dubai.