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Trademark Registration Dubai

As we all know, Dubai is a business-friendly growing economy, and trademark registration Dubai is necessary to protect your intangible assets. Trademark registration will help you grow your business and establish brand recognition. This blog will discuss the benefits of registration, the step-by-step process, the fee, and all other essential factors.

A trademark could be your logo, name, or design representing your business activity, goods, and services. By registering trademarks, you will also get a competitive edge and a certificate from the government. A registered trademark will help your customers to recognize you and build your brand goodwill as an asset.

Essential Things for Trademark Registration Dubai

There is a legal procedure for trademark registration in Dubai, and you need to follow it. The trademark you want to register must be unique and represent your business goods and services. However, if you select some generic word, logo, or name, you may face a problem in the registration process.

There are some limitations of marks in trademark registration. Your mark must be clear to the public because confused marks are not allowed. It must not be similar to the already registered and established brand or religion. Deceptive types of marks are also prohibited. So, if you want to make your registration process fast and smooth, we advise avoiding all these marks.

Benefits of Trademark Registration

There are various benefits of trademark registration which you will get.

You will get exclusive rights to use that trademark for your goods and services, which will help you get a competitive edge as your competitors can’t use that trademark.

Your registered trademark will help customers trust your business and increase customer reliability and loyalty. A registered trademark is an intangible asset, so your assets’s value will also increase.

Although this trademark is only valid for the UAE, this could be the start of international recognition of your business. You can also enhance your registration to other locations.

Having a registered trademark will increase your credibility, and it will be easy to win investors’ trust. Once you get investors’ confidence, there are more chances that you can increase your business capital and expand your business to make it more profitable business.

Trademark registration could be another source of income. As an owner of the trademark, you can allow others to use your brand in exchange for a licensing fee.

Process for Trademark Registration Dubai

The trademark registration process is not complex. The first step is to apply for registration with the relevant department, and in Dubai, the Ministry of Economy is the concerned department. The department will look out for all the legal requirements and examine your application. So, involving and seeking advice from a legal person is recommended.

MoE will look at the eligibility criteria as per your provided details. If your mark is unique and already unused by someone else, you will pass this test comfortably and can proceed to the next step.

You can apply for trademark registration by submitting an application to the MoE UAE. To submit an application, you can visit the official website of the Ministry of Economy. It is the best practice to prepare all the required documents before applying.

You need the following documents for trademark registration in Dubai.

Application Form

Power of Attorney

Trademark word or Logo

ID Card/Passport Copy

Copy of Trade License

List of Goods and Services

Priority Documents (if applicable)

These are the necessary documents and may vary in your case. If there is any additional document required, MoE will ask.

Trademark Fee

Trademark registration in UAE fee is around 8000AED to 9000AED, which includes the filing fee and the trademark certificate. This fee doesn’t have any legal fee if you get it before applying.

Process Time for Application

If you fill your application with all the necessary information and provide all the required documents, you will get a response from the Ministry of Economy within 30 days. If MoE requires additional information or documents, they will ask you within a month.

Trademark Validity Period

Usually, the trademark validity period is ten years. After each ten years, you must pay the fee and renew your trademark registration. Remembering that this trademark registration is valid only for the UAE would be best. You can renew the trademark registration from the website of MoE.


Trademark registration Dubai could be a great start toward your international brand recognition. By doing this, you can establish your strong presence in the market and gain the trust of consumers and investors. UAE is a hub of innovation and economic activity, and this environment increases the significance of trademark registration. The trademarking step may open the door to new opportunities for your business.

We recommend staying in touch with rules and regulations to get the maximum advantage of trademark registration, which will help you protect your identity.


Trademark registration is necessary to protect your brand and enhance your recognition. And this will help you gain the trust of both consumers and investors.

You can also register a word, logo, or combination of both. The main factor is that your trademark must be unique and represent your goods and services.

Unfortunately, for now, Dubai doesn’t support direct international trademark registration. This trademark registration in Dubai is only valid for the UAE.

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