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Typing Center in Dubai

Typing Center in Dubai

Dubai is a hub of business and technology, and people from all over the world visit Dubai. There’s always a demand for a new business, including the typing center in Dubai. These typing centers aren’t like typical cybercafes; however, they’re approved by the government of Dubai. These typing centers provide services like documentation or filing an application. Although you can do this work online, you can visit the typing centers in Dubai if you still want someone to do it on your behalf.

This blog’ll discuss the legal procedure and the requirements to open a typing center in Dubai.

Reasons to Open a Typing Center in Dubai

There’re several reasons to open a typing center in Dubai, as Dubai is a global hub of opportunities. These opportunities get support from Dubai’s growing economy. You’ll find investors and entrepreneurs worldwide who visit Dubai and start their business ideas.

The population of Dubai is growing, and diverse cultures are adding value, creating new opportunities and ideas. People love to grab these opportunities, which increase the demand for document typing and processing services, and you can fill the gap in these demanding services by opening a typing center.

Dubai is famous for its ease of business because the government provides consistent support and introduces business-friendly policies. As a result of these policies, the administration process is getting faster daily.

As an owner of the typing center, you can target a specific niche in document processing. You can offer the preparation of legal and academic documents and medical transcription. Furthermore, before deciding on the niche, it’s advisable to research the market and the needs of the people.

How to Start the Process of Typing Center in Dubai?

The first step is to understand the market and your competitors. After researching the market, you’ll understand your customer’s behavior and how your competitors tackle their demands. To apply this, you need to create a business plan, which’ll also help you get government approval. Your business plan is like a road map of your typing center business.

After this, the next step is to meet the legal requirements for applying for the license. We recommend discussing with the experts what license type you need and whether other authorities require any approval. In the following process, you must choose the spot for your typing center in Dubai. Before finalizing the location, remember there should be a demand for your services in that area.


Registering your business requires submitting the required documents to the DED. Usually, the required documents, application form, business plan, passport copies, and other relevant documents are included. As a result, you’ll get initial approval and can proceed to the next step.

Equipment and Staff

In this typing center business, some equipment is also required. Most equipment used in this business are computers, scanners, printers, and furniture. You can purchase this stuff as per your staff and to meet the safety and government standards. In hiring the staff, we recommend hiring proficient staff who are familiar with the process and documentation that is required in Dubai. However, if you hire some beginners, you may train them.

Types of Staff in Typing Center Business

However, the requirement for the types of staff depends on the services you’re offering and the scale of your business.

  • Typists play a crucial role in growing your business in the requirement of a typing center in Dubai. The role of typist staff is to type and process the documents. Their typing speed should be fast and accurate, and they must have good knowledge of document formatting.
  • If your business is on a good scale, you must hire the customer service representatives. They’ll engage with the clients by answering their queries and guiding them with the procedure. We recommend hiring those staff who’ve excellent communication skills.
  • We believe there should also be staff responsible for controlling and managing the documents. They’ll ensure the delivery of work within the time limit, and it’ll help to make the process smoother.
  • IT staff is essential in this business as you rely on technology. If there’s any problem with computers, printers, or scanners, they’ll troubleshoot it and make it available for the other staff to use.

These are the general staff roles; you add or change the role as per the requirements of your business and clients.

Final Words

Starting a typing center in Dubai could be a great business opportunity because of the business-friendly environment and government. By following the guidelines of this blog, you can set up your business and meet the demands of your customers. Remember to invest in your staff; seeking more opportunities is a path to establishing and growing your business in Dubai. We advise you to keep in touch with the industry so you’ll get all the updates that’ll help you in your business.


Yes, foreigners can own and start typing centers in Dubai. However, the ownership structure may vary depending on the location of your business in Dubai. It’s advisable to discuss the legal requirements and structure with the experts. We, Alriyady Corporate Services, also provide the facility of consultation with the experts.

You can ensure the quality of service by implementing the quality control procedures. In the quality control procedure, you can review the completed documents and ask for customer feedback. You can streamline the workflow with the help of modern technology.

There’re two main ways to promote your typing center: one is online, and the second is offline. To use the online method, you can use social media and create your website. You can spread awareness through campaigns on social media and target your desired audience. You may engage with the local communities as well. Word of mouth and positive reviews can also promote your typing center.

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