Do you want to set up and form your company in Dubai UAE? Do you want to create a business presence for your company in UAE? Do you want to do trading inside and outside of UAE? if your answer is YES, then setting up your business in UAE Mainland is ideal for you.


Before setting up a Mainland company, Let’s see the possible benefits of setting up company in mainland UAE.

Benefits of Mainland

Greater scope for business activities

UAE has a large number of business activities. The registration process for mainland companies is simple and hassle-free with Al Riyady and there are minimum trading rules and regulation required. This facilitates mainland companies to open up to wider UAE markets to improve growth and revenue and trade with various industries.

Ability to trade with other mainland companies

Setting up a company in UAE mainland is an ideal way to build a stronger presence throughout the Emirates of the UAE. As a UAE mainland company, you can set up your office anywhere in UAE, partner with other mainland companies, trade in local market without paying any custom duty.

Opportunity of working with government bodies

You can easily divide down various profitable business opportunities & You can easily pitch for government contracts and project and work with UAE government bodies. This goes a long way in strengthening your business portfolio.

Affordable way of doing business

Setting up a company in UAE mainland is the most affordable way of doing business in the Emirates. Moreover, there are no currency restrictions for mainland businesses in UAE.


Know more about the requirements and costs to incur when setting up a business in UAE. We strive to provide you with accurate and necessary information for your future business.