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What Are the 6 Effective Types of Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is one of the most popular and effective ways to increase brand awareness and promote services and products through various channels such as websites, email, text messaging, social media, and search engines. In short, due to the increasing use of the internet in our daily lives, digital marketing has become one of the most important strategic initiatives for businesses, whether our aim is to promote locally or internationally. 

Therefore, it plays a paramount role in the promotion of any business. Additionally, there are numerous types of digital marketing that you should be aware of so that you can benefit and take your business to the next level online in a short amount of time. 

What is Digital Marketing?

Before going into the detailed discussion of the types of digital marketing, let’s take a bird’s eye view of what digital marketing actually is and its benefits as well in the last section. In simple terms, digital marketing encompasses numerous effective marketing tactics and technologies aimed at reaching targeted customers on the Internet. 

It was one of the most widespread adoptions of the internet in the 1990s and highly important for the growth and success of any business. Moreover, it helps companies establish brand identity among customers and enables them to market to those who are genuinely interested in following specific marketing strategies.

Effective Types of Digital Marketing

Here are the following six effective types of digital marketing that help in the growth and success, no matter whether it’s small or big, so let’s discuss these one by one;

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO stands for search engine optimization, which is primarily a strategy for improving website rankings on search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others by creating content that adheres to their guidelines. There are two main types of SEO: On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO. 

Although it’s a gradual process that typically takes around eight months in low-competition niches, once your website ranks with a proper search engine optimization strategy, you’ll attract organic visitors from around the world, maximizing your business’s profit. However, it’s always recommended to hire professionals with years of experience in search engine optimization services to achieve good sales results in a shorter period.

Pay-Per-Click(PPC) Advertising

Do you want to sell your products quickly on the Internet? With PPC, you can easily achieve this and generate good revenue in a short time by promoting your business products and services worldwide. PPC, or pay-per-click advertising, enables marketers to reach targeted audiences through paid ads. Experienced marketers typically set up PPC campaigns on Google and other search engines to display their business ads, especially to those who are keenly interested in their products or services.

Additionally, since these ads appear at the top of Google Pages, there are bright chances of high revenue if campaigns are set up carefully with proper instructions. Interestingly, Google Ads campaigns offer options for targeting demographics, age, gender, and even the interests of the audience, making PPC an instant source of product promotion. So, unlike search engine optimization, where owners have to wait for 6 to 8 months, PPC offers a quick and easy way to generate sales in a short amount of time.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is another important type of digital marketing where storytelling and informative content help increase brand awareness. The content depends mainly on the niche and typically includes blog posts related to the business, Newsletters, infographics, video creation, podcasts, and e-books. Valuable content serves as the central pillar and acts as the most effective way to generate sales from potential customers. It’s essential for the content to align with search engine optimization guidelines, and sharing it across all social media platforms can enhance trust among users.

Email Marketing

Almost 89% of surveyed professionals named email marketing as the most effective way to achieve good results when used strategically. It becomes even more effective when combined with other digital marketing techniques, such as marketing automation. In short, it’s a valuable channel for lead generation.

Social Media Marketing

While discussing the Types of Digital Marketing, it’s worth mentioning the SMM know as social media marketing. It’s another popular form of digital marketing, because people of all ages prefer social media for interacting with others, obtaining available information, doing online shopping, and enjoying entertainment. From research, it shows that almost half of users from the USA prefer to purchase from social media irrespective of physical stores. 

Moreover, the most popular social media platforms that come on the top are Facebook, TikTok, Youtube, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. These are offering paid ads campaigns like the Google Ads for target audience and according to the interest of the users. Additionally, SMM, is such a complicated thing then handling the simple personal FB accounts, because it requires creative thinking and data driven strategy for fruitful results. 

Affiliate & Influencer Marketing

Affiliate marketing and working with influencers not only provide audience reach but also give a boost to the existing audience. It’s always recommended to collaborate with influencers who are well-known in your industry. 

With affiliate marketing, products are promoted through links, and whenever a sale is completed through that link, both the affiliate and influencer receive a kickback from you in return. This is an excellent strategy in digital marketing because you don’t necessarily need a large audience yourself; the audience is easily built by the content producer.

Benefits Of Digital Marketing

As the screen time of users has increased significantly on the internet, and customers prefer shopping and making online purchases over physically going to stores, it’s important to highlight some of the benefits of digital marketing in more detail.

  • Firstly, traditional marketing methods like advertisements via banners, television ads, and cold sales calls were limited to specific regions. However, with the help of digital marketing, you can showcase and promote your products globally.
  • Moreover, digital marketing helps business owners reach more customers at a lower cost compared to traditional marketing methods.
  • With social media marketing, you can not only receive instant reviews about your products but also quickly gauge customer demand, helping to increase the market presence of products favored by users.
  • Furthermore, you can easily offer services online related to real estate, rental businesses, and various other industries.
  • Digital marketing also facilitates more accessible communication with potential customers at every stage of the buying process. In short, it makes things easier for both buyers and sellers, and with a trusted reputation, the chances of business growth are significantly higher.


Can small businesses benefit from digital marketing?

Indeed, it’s very effective for small businesses as well, as it helps increase online visibility through strategies such as search engine optimization (SEO), Search media marketing (SMM), and email marketing. Additionally, you can rank your business locally via GMB (Google My Business).

Is there any way to measure the success of a digital marketing campaign?

Yes, you can measure this through KPIs known as key performance indicators, such as website traffic (including clicks and impressions), conversion rates, CTR, and ROI.

Which type of digital marketing is best?

Mainly, it depends on your business. PPC is often considered best if you have enough budget for quick product sales and business service promotion. Other types, such as SEO, provide organic clicks. Apart from that, you may use email marketing and content marketing as per your needs and according to the nature of your business.

Final Words

In a nutshell, in the 21st century, digital marketing is essential for any small and big business for generating good revenue. As it is a diverse field, there are many types of digital marketing. However, having knowledge of search engine optimization, Pay-Per-Click (PPC), email marketing, social media marketing (SMM), and content marketing is crucial. There is a dire need to hire a professional and trusted digital marketing firm like Alriyady for success in this online world.


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