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Best Free Zones in UAE

5 Best Free Zones In UAE to Start Business

Establishing a business amidst the free zones in UAE is such a lucrative option for investors as well as for entrepreneurs who wish to form a company in this country. However, by virtue of the numerous options available, choosing the right free zone can be a daunting task and often lead to an overwhelming situation.

We understand that starting a business on the mainland isn’t easy owing to its high requirements and expenses. Therefore, if you wish to set up a business in the UAE, or in Dubai, opting for a free zone is advisable. In this article, we will go into a detailed discussion of the 5 best Free Zones in UAE, which you can consider for your initial business setup. 

Best Free Zones in UAE with Most Affordable Trade Licenses

Everyone yearns to start a lucrative business by spending fewer bucks, right? Well, if you’re planning to set up an initial business in the UAE, then listen up. Here’s a list of the top free zones in the UAE with the most affordable trade licenses to make the whole process seamless. 

Moreover, not only will you get a trade license at a lower cost, in fact, but by choosing these best Free zones in UAE, you’ll also enjoy astonishing benefits such as world-class office spaces, easy residence visa processing, and faster document processing. Sounds very pleasant, doesn’t it? Now, without taking time, let me lift the curtain from these freezone, one by one so that you make up your mind about why these UAE-free zones are the preferable option over the mainland. 

1. Al Khaimah Economic Zone (RAK EZ)

It’s the biggest economic zone for manufacturing-related businesses, offering entrepreneurs various licenses, including e-commerce licenses. The Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone is strategically located near the seaport and Ras Al Khaimah airport in the United Arab Emirates. With the awe-inspiring views of lower mountains and a beachfront atmosphere, its costs are considerably lower than those in other metropolitan cities.

Additionally, it’s reckoned as one shop for all government services, thanks to its fast-track business setup facility and the availability of dual licenses. Moreover, in this region, you can also easily access the most voguish warehouses and excellent industrial land plots for your projects.

2. Sharjah Publishing City

Sharjah Publishing City, situated in Sharjah, offers the easiest investor visa process, modern office spaces, and a streamlined documentation process. It’s another best free zones in UAE, boasting a large selection of over 1500 business activities. Conveniently located near Sharjah International Airport and Khalid Port, it works like a charm for entrepreneurs looking to start a cost-effective business in the UAE by investing in a low-cost trade license.

3. Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC)  

It’s one of the most prestigious and world-renowned free zones established by DMCC. Situated in the heart of new Dubai, it offers a hassle-free environment for almost every type of business. This free zone provides a wide range of business solutions, including various rental office spaces including flexi desks.

What sets it apart is the option for entrepreneurs to obtain dual licenses, allowing them to extend their business presence into the mainland or onshore. One of the standout benefits of starting a business in this free zone is that a single license issued by the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre can cover up to 6 business activities within the same group. Moreover, it’s one of the fastest-growing free zones, allowing complete foreign business ownership.

4. Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC)  

While recommending the 5 best free zones in the UAE, it’s worth mentioning the DWTC, which comes under the best free trade zones in the UAE. The Dubai World Trade Center was founded 44 years ago in 1978, and it’s an award-winning free zone with a lot of exciting benefits for entrepreneurs. There is neither any restriction on hiring employees from foreign countries nor conditions over capital nationality.  

The DWTC is considered a global gateway, attracting over 3 million annual visitors from 60 countries. Furthermore, investors have various license options, such as general, professional, event management, family, and commercial trade licenses.

5. JAFZA Free Zone

It won an ISO certificate in the world in 1996; this fast-growing global trade network free zone offers access to a market of 2 billion people. It’s another best-free zone with lower-cost operations such as industrial property and furnished office space. Furthermore, there is neither restriction on capital repatriation nor on the currency. With the most accessible global access, it also offers an e-commerce license.

Final Verdict

Indubitably, company formation or business setup in UAE free zones is a lucrative opportunity for investors. However, consulting with top firms and corporate service providers like Alriyady can greatly assist in finding the best free zones in UAE that align with your business needs. We’ve highlighted five of the best free zones in UAE, known for their cost-effective trade licenses and high returns on investment. For more information, you can reach the Alriyady, the most experienced free zone business setup consultants in Dubai and the UAE.


There are approximately 46 free zones in the UAE, allowing investors to enjoy full ownership of their companies. In Dubai alone, there are 30 free trade zones.

Starting a business in the UAE seems easy, but it involves multiple steps that can be challenging to navigate alone. Therefore, If you’re new in this country, then it’s highly recommended to seek guidance from trusted companies like Alriyady to ensure smooth business operations.

A free zone in Dubai, also known as a free trade zone or a free authority zone, is an area governed by its specific regulations. These regulations often differ from those applied to businesses outside the zone.

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