Setting Up Company in UAE Free Zones

The UAE offers over 40 free zones to investors, making it easy to set up a company. In these free zones, not only expatriates but also foreign investors can enjoy full ownership of their companies. The UAE Free Zones are primarily designed as international business centers for companies.

However, the process of company setup in UAE Free Zones isn’t as simple as it seems, therefore you need to take services from trusted firms like Al Riyad for the smooth workflow and business operation.

UAE Free Zones

Benefits of Free Zone

The free zones in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) offer several benefits to businesses as well as to investors. Let’s take a bird eye view of the few benefits of company formation in the free zones of the United Arab Emirates. So, here are the following astonishing advantages that you’re going to get after opening a company in the UAE Free Zone.

  • UAE free zones allow 100% foreign ownership of companies, meaning investors can run businesses with complete control and ownership without any local partner.
  • UAE Free Zones offer attractive tax incentives that help reduce businesses’ financial burden.
  • Moreover, free zones also offer customs duty exemptions on imports and exports within the zone that can facilitate international trade and lower operational costs as well.
  • Overall the whole process of setting up a business in the UAE free zones is generally streamlined and efficient.
  • Also, free zones provide state-of-the-art infrastructure, modern office spaces, and even advanced technology support, which make the business grow more in fewer years.
  • The Free zones are designed as business hubs that foster collaboration and networking among companies from various industries. Therefore, this facilitates knowledge sharing, partnerships, as well as potential business opportunities.

Why Choose Al Riyady for Company Setup In UAE Free Zones?

We’re a team of highly professional and dedicated individuals with deep knowledge and understanding of the local rules and regulations of the UAE. Moreover, we’re registered business setup consultants with all major free zones in the UAE, ensuring a seamless, smooth, and efficient setup process for our clients.


In the UAE, a free zone, also called a free trade zone, is a geographical area where any foreign companies can establish their businesses with certain advantages and incentives as well. These upper hand typically include 100% foreign ownership, tax exemptions, customs benefits, as well as simplified procedures for company setup and business operations. 

A free zone company in the UAE operates within a particular area, offering lucrative advantages to entrepreneurs, like 100% foreign ownership and leveraging on special tax.

There are a total of 46 Free Zones in the UAE, and the cheapest one is the Sharjah Media City Free Zone, located in the Emirate of Sharjah.

Well, the answer is yes! A free zone company in the United Arab Emirates can do business in Dubai by interacting with companies and individuals outside the free zone. Still, there is a dire need to have additional permits depending on the business activity and location.