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How to Start a Restaurant in Dubai?

Millions of tourists visit Dubai each year, and Dubai itself is a multi-cultural city. If you want to start a restaurant in Dubai, you have many options because of the multiple nationalities living there. Dubai is one of the perfect cities to start the restaurant business.

The food industry is always in demand in those cities where tourists visit in good numbers. That’s why people love to start their food business in Dubai and make it profitable. So, let’s discuss the critical steps you must take to grab this opportunity.

Essential Steps to Launch a Restaurant in Dubai

  • Before starting a business, the first step is to conduct market research. In market research, the first thing is identifying the target audience and understanding their food culture. You can also analyze your competitors offering the same food to the same audience. This way, you’ll be able to observe your audience and competitors closely.
  • Business plans play a role as the backbone of the business, so it’s always advisable to develop a detailed business plan before starting a business. You can include your target market, pricing plan, and marketing strategy in the business plan. By having the cost, financial projections, and source of funds in the business plan, you can make it a road map of your business journey.
  • The next step is to fulfill the legal requirements to start a restaurant in Dubai. You need to obtain a license from the government to start the business. And may need to get other permits from the relevant authorities.
  • The selection of location would play a crucial role in your restaurant business. Selecting a location near your target audience and within walking distance from public transport is advisable. With these, you also consider getting maximum business benefits, such as getting a good tax benefit in the free zone area.
  • The interior design of your restaurant must be aesthetically pleasing. It would attract more customers. Customers love to go to restaurants that have a good ambiance and stylish environment.
  • Your restaurant’s menu should be according to your restaurant’s concept, so craft it carefully. If you want to add diversity to your menu, you can add local and international flavors. If you don’t know much about the local taste of Dubai, you can collaborate with the local restaurant.

What is the process of Starting a restaurant in Dubai?

Starting a restaurant in Dubai is the same as starting any business in Dubai. You must register a copyright-free business name and get a trade license to start the business. However, you may be required to have some additional permissions from the relevant authorities, such as food and parking authorities. Getting approval from authorities could be tricky sometimes. So, attach all your relevant documents to speed up the approval process. And finally, you can apply for a bank account. Having a business bank account would help you a lot in your restaurant business.

Use of Technology

Dubai is known for its technological advancements, and we can use the technology to enhance efficiency. We can use technology to improve the customer experience as well. In today’s generation, online food ordering is very common, so you can develop your website or application to grab online customers. However, the website and application must be user-friendly, light, and fast.

Besides food ordering, we can use technology to maintain the inventory and customer feedback. In this way, there are more chances for us to grow our online presence. Once we establish our online presence on social media, we can also grab customers from social media.

Role of Restaurant Staff in the Success

In every business, hiring staff plays a crucial role in success, but this role is increasing in the restaurant business. If you’ve got a good manager, servers, and especially chefs, there is no doubt that your restaurant will grow. Although there are some standards in hiring staff in the restaurant industry, you must follow these standards.


If you want to start a restaurant in Dubai, following the steps we have covered above is vital, from starting a business to growing it. After getting the license approval, you can select the perfect location to begin your restaurant. Remember to increase your online presence.

Plan your budget according to it is best. Because daily expenses are higher in the restaurant business as compared to the other businesses. Your restaurant’s menu and the chef will play a crucial role in the success of your business. It would be best if your customers were happy, and you must keep them happy.


The best thing is to do the collaboration or seek advice from an experienced chef to create your restaurant’s menu. We can consider the area’s diet routines and cultural preferences to develop the menu for a restaurant in Dubai. After starting the restaurant, we can update our menu as per our customer’s feedback.

You can promote your restaurant’s business in Dubai per the marketing strategy you’ve developed in your business plan. You can collaborate with local influencers and offer some discounts at the start. Besides this, you must increase your online presence and spend a good amount of money on it initially.

You can ensure the satisfaction of customers by seeking their feedback. It’s recommended to get customer reviews and surveys to improve things and ensure the satisfaction of customers. You can increase community engagement by starting loyalty programs.

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